Appointment dates are always on a Wednesday unless said otherwise.

Animal(s) need to be alive when brought in.

If the order is not picked within 10 business days of the day you were contacted, there will be a storage fee added each week (Per half for hogs, goats & lambs. Per quarter for beef) it is not picked up!

Prices subject to change without notice

Custom Processing

Beef Charges:

SLAUGHTERING (divided up for halves & quarters)
          Beef Dressed 899lbs or less $80.00 each
          Beef Dressed 900lbs or more $120.00 each (Includes waste disposal fee)
PROCESSING (whole, halves or quarter. NO thirds or eighths)
          Beef Dressed 899lbs or less $0.65/lb hanging weight
          Beef Dressed 900lbs or more $0.95/lb hanging weight
WASTE DISPOSAL FEE (divided up for halves & quarters) $20.00 each
PATTIES $0.50/lb
Cubing/Rolling $10.00 W / $8.00 H /$5.00 Q
STEW MEAT $1.00/lb
TOO BIG FOR KNOCKDOWN (or shot in trailer) (*on top of processing and slaughtering) $100.00 fee
SINGLES CHARGE (1 steak per packaged, tenderloin steaks 2 per package, any packaged under 1#) $0.65/lb
TEXAS $12.00/piece
BEEF BACON $9.00/piece
CORNED BEEF $8.00/piece
SAVING SCRAPS/RAW BONES $5.00/Lg bag (2 bags per box)

Hog Charges:

SLAUGHTERING (divided up for halves) 
          Hogs Dressed 279lbs or less$50.00 each
          Hogs Dressed 280lbs or more (Includes waste disposal fee)$66.00 each
PROCESSING (whole or halves, NO quarters) 
          Hogs Dressed 279lbs or less$0.55/lb hanging weight
          Hogs Dressed 280lbs or more$0.75/lb hanging weight
WASTE DISPOSAL FEE (divided up for halves)$6.00 each
SMOKING (bacon, ham, loins, shoulders, etc.)$0.60/lb
BONELESS SMOKING (boneless hams & pulled pork)$0.85/lb
PEPPER BACON$4.00/piece
BRATWURST (any flavor, more than 10 different flavors)$1.40/lb
(Smoked Polish, Hot Dogs, etc.)
BBQ HOGS (includes waste disposal fee) 
          Hogs Dressed 279lbs or less$66.00 each
          Hogs Dressed 280lbs or more$76.00 each
SKINNED BBQ HOGS (includes waste disposal fee) 
          Hogs Dressed 279lbs or less$86.00 each
          Hogs Dressed 280lbs or more$96.00 each
SAVING SCRAPS/RAW BONES/SAVE FAT$5.00/Lg bag (2 bags per box)

Lamb/Goat Charges:

Slaughtering & Processing (Whole or halves, NO quarters)$95.00
(speciality products are additional)
Waste Disposal Fee (bacon, ham, loins, shoulders, etc.)$5.00 each